Board of Directors

Board of Directors & Staff

Board Members

  • Eddie Dowling, Chair - Celgene

  • Pam Martin

    Vice-Chair - Community Volunteer

  • Bernie Ackerman, Treasurer - Bernard N. Ackerman, CPA, PA

  • Caryn Scroggs, Secretary - FMSD4 Teacher Liaison

  • Jeff Carr - Pulcra Chemicals
    Luther Dasher - Pulcra Chemicals
    Jim Dobbins - Community Volunteer
    Brynne Fisher - Community Volunteer
    Lori Hillman - Community Volunteer
    Donna Jackley - Community Volunteer
    Martha Kinard - Allen Tate Realtors
    Sharyn Lewis - Community Volunteer
    Celia McCarter - Community Volunteer
    Chris Moody - Comporium
    Andy Safnaur - Community Volunteer

  • Ex-Officio Members:

    Marty McGinn - FMSD4 Assistant Superintendent
    Diane Dasher - FMSD4 Board of Trustee
    Caryn Scroggs - FMSD4 Teacher Liaison

Executive Director

  • Scott Patterson
    Scott Patterson

Scott Patterson is a lifelong Fort Mill resident and product of Fort Mill Schools. He served on the school board from 2008 to 2016. He also is a board member for the Catawba Regional Council of Governments since 2013 and has previously served as a board member for the Boys & Girls Clubs of York County.

“I am excited about continuing to be involved in the school district and making an impact on our teachers and students in the classroom. I want to continue my passion for public education in this role.”