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Advocate for Public Education

Be Informed – Become an advocate for public education – make your voice heard

Consider the following facts:

  • Due to Act 388, the Fort Mill School District has lost $60 million dollars over the past 8 years.
  • As the fastest growing school district in the state, the FMSD has no chance of its operational dollars keeping pace with the growth in new students.
  • The Fort Mill School District has grown from 3,465 students in 1995 to 17,800 in 2021.

Take Action

Contact our local legislators, Chair of the Education Committees, Speakers of the House and Senate and let them know you want to keep our schools strong. Need to find your House district? Go to Personal Voter Information

Local Legislative Delegation:
Senate District 15: Sen. Wes Climer (803) 212-6016
Senate District 16: Sen. Michael Johnson (803) 212-6008
House District 26: Rep. Raye Felder (803) 212-6892
House District 45: Rep. Brandon Newton (803) 212-6874
House District 48: Rep. Brandon Guffey (803) 212-6888
House District 66: Rep. David O'Neal (803) 212-6967

South Carolina Legislative Leadership:
Senate President Pro Tempore: Sen. Thomas C. Alexander (803) 212-6220
Speaker of the House: Rep. G. Murrell Smith, Jr. (803) 734-3125
Chair, Senate Education Committee: Sen. Greg Hembree (803) 212-6350
Chair, House Education and Public Works Committee: Rep. Shannon S. Erickson (803) 734-3053

Email to Senate Members:
Email to House Members:
Click appropriate name to send an email message.

When communicating, either by telephone or email, include your name and address, that you live in their district, your email and telephone number and if you are a parent or grandparent, PTO/A member, booster club member, or any other relevant information.

A concerted advocacy effort that speaks with one positive voice is an effective tool to build relationships with legislators.