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Frequently Asked Questions

About Us

How did the Foundation for Fort Mill Schools begin?
As a tireless advocate for public education, TEC Dowling (Fort Mill School District 4 Superintendent 1997-2005) played a key role in the establishment of the Foundation for Fort Mill Schools. As a result, a diverse group of business people, civic leaders and educators - committed to furthering educational excellence in the Fort Mill School District - create the Foundation for Fort Mill Schools, receiving 501 (c) (3) status on November 4, 2003.

I already pay taxes which support the school district. Why should I give more money to support education?
The Fort Mill School District 4 is distinguished by a tradition of excellence. However, falling state tax revenues and the reliance on a one cent sales tax to fund school operations means the District will have to work with less money per student than in previous years. The District's budget focuses on maintaining quality in core subject areas, which is where the state and federal governments will judge the effectiveness of the District in meeting accountability laws. What isn't in the District's budget? All the extras - extra supplies, books, and technology. That's where the Foundation for Fort Mill Schools helps - to provide the extras our students deserve. Our Innovative Classroom Projects program was created with a spirit of cooperation between the school district, and teachers and therefore, the Foundation does not provide financial support for programs regularly funded by the Fort Mill School District's operating budget. To see all the great projects we have supported, choose the "Programs" tab, select "Innovative Classroom Projects" and then choose "Past Projects and Recipients."

Can I make a donation in honor of a teacher or a make memorial contribution?
Yes. By utilizing the "Get Involved" tab and choosing "Donate," details are provided on how to donate by mail or electronically (using the secure PayPal website). Both ways allow you to either honor or remember someone special. The Foundation for Fort Mill Schools will process a personal note acknowledging your gift, to the person(s) of your choice.

Can I donate anonymously?
Yes. Visit our Donate page, and choose, "Anonymous" and complete the details. Press the "Send Now" button and you will go to the secure PayPal website. The Foundation for Fort Mill Schools will process your gift and you will receive a letter acknowledging your contribution for tax purposes.

About the Innovative Classroom Projects Program

How do I apply for a grant?
Visit our Programs tab and click on Innovative Classroom Projects. There you will be able to print a pdf of the Application Info, Guidelines, and Rubric. Applications are accepted via interoffice mail to the District Office c/o Caryn Scroggs-Foundation for Fort Mill Schools, US mail, or electronically by clicking "Application" on the navigation bar.

What types of grants are funded?
See 'Past Projects and Recipients' while visiting our Innovative Classroom Projects page. There you can see what projects were funded by year.

Does the budget for my grant have to be exactly $750?
No, the budget does not have to be exactly $750, but close. Any additional funds needed over $750 will need to be secured through another funding source. If there is a remaining balance of funds after grant materials have been purchased, a written letter specifying how the remaining funds will be used must be submitted to the Executive Director for the grant committee to review and make a ruling on.

Can more than one teacher work on a single grant application?
Yes, teachers are welcome to work together on a single application.

How will I be notified if I receive a grant?
Recipients will be notified via email by June and will be recognized at a fall school board meeting. Declined requests will also be notified via email by June.

Who reviews the grant applications and make the decision who receives a grant?
A Grants Committee comprised of members of the Foundations Board of Directors reviews all applications and utilizes the rubric to determine who receives grants.

Can I submit a grant application if I have done so in the past; or if I have received a grant in the past?
Yes, teachers may resubmit applications and apply as often as one wishes.

Can I receive feedback if my grant application was not approved?
Yes, just email the Foundation requesting feedback and we will provide you with your rubric score and comments.

About the College Scholarships Program

How do I apply for a scholarship?
Visit our Programs tab and click on College Scholarships. There you can print a pdf of the application and any other required forms. The Foundation does not process scholarship applications, however. All scholarship forms should be forwarded to either the Fort Mill High School or Nation Ford High School Guidance Offices.

Can I donate to a specific scholarship fund?
Yes. By utilizing the "Get Involved" tab and choosing "Donate," details are provided on how to donate by mail or electronically (using the secure PayPal website) allowing you to donate to a specific scholarship fund.

Can I establish a scholarship with the Foundation?
Yes, we welcome corporations, community groups and individuals to give back by establishing a scholarship. Please contact us via email, telephone or visit our Contact Us page and we'll be happy to discuss all the details with you.